SIOUG Event: Oracle Analytics Tips & Trips Series - What's new in Oracle Analytics 5.9?

SIOUG (Slovenian Oracle User Group), in cooperation with Qubix, organised the first webinar in the Oracle Analytics - Tips & Tricks Series.

What's new in Oracle Analytics 5.9 webinar took place on Thursday, 25th February 2021, starting at 11am CET

Topics covered:

  • How to prepare data to analyse the products that are most often sold together?
  • How to register and use machine learning models from Oracle database in Oracle Analytics.
  • How to parse text and how to use parsed text in combination with other business data to produce effective and interactive visualisations.
  • How to use existing web mapping services (WMS and XYZ) in analyses using geo-data.
  • What are the key changes and improvements in data visualisation.
Webinar was delivered by:
  • Mojca Gros, Qubix, Senior Business Analytics Consultant
  • Žiga Vaupot, Qubix, Country Manager and Oracle ACE

Here is the recording of the webinar (language used is Slovenian).


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