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Custom Map Layers in Oracle Analytics: Never so easy!

Using maps in analyses is not new to Oracle Business Intelligence. Already in OBIEE 11g it was relatively easy to prepare and use maps. It definitely required a little bit of Oracle Spatial background if you were preparing maps in Oracle database from scratch, but beside that process was relatively simple. You can check my blog series on GeoSpatial Analytics in Oracle Business Intelligence . With the development of Oracle Analytics Cloud (and it’s on-premise versions), users were able to use spatial information stored in GeoJSON format. Process of bringing spatial information and later using in analyses was dramatically simplified. You just need to prepare your map in the GeoJSON format (for example, you can use Oracle Spatial Studio ), upload it to Oracle Analytics and apply corresponding background map. The only condition is that there is a key match with data you wanted to analyze. A couple of minute effort, nothing more. If at all since there are some preseeded maps layers and back