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Introduction to Oracle Data Science … and how to set it up?

Forword In the beginning of February, Oracle has announced the availability of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Science Service. Very simplified, one could say that Oracle Data Science Service is yet another Jupyter notebook for writing machine learning script in Python. And they would be right. However, it is also more. Oracle has stated that its mission is to Bring together the right Infrastructure, Data Management, and Data Science Tools to make data science more collaborative, scalable, and powerful for every enterprise.  And indeed, with OCI Data Science, you get a fully managed platform that has been built to meet the needs of teams of a modern enterprise. It provides users and development teams a project driven collaborative environment, which enables teams to work together on an end-to-end modelling workflow with self-service resources and data access. OCI Data Science is using Jupyter notebooks to support the lates open source tools such as Python. Tensorflow, K

My blog revival

It’s been a while from my last blog post. I hope this will change now with more frequent updates on the three main topics I would like to focus in the next period. These three topics are: Oracle Analytics, Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Data Science.