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How to setup geo-spatial analysis in Oracle Business Intelligence blog series

In this blog series I'm explaining all the steps required to include geo-spatial analysis in Oracle Business Intelligence, from database table preparation to adding map views to an OBIEE analysis: Setup the scene Prepare database spatial tables Setup connections required by maps and create type layer (basemap) in Map Viewer Create Geometry Themes in Map Builder Bringing OBIEE and GeoSpatial worlds together Adding Map Views to OBIEE Analysis

GeoSpatial Analytics in Oracle Business Intelligence (6)

It's about time to finalise my series on Geo-spatial analysis in Oracle Business Intelligence. In this post I'm just laying out the necessary steps to add new map views to your analysis. A dashboard with some reporting objects. The idea was to replace the top left table with a map view. In order to do that, the following steps need to be taken: 1. Open dashboard Electronics Dashboard (initial). 2. Click Page Options and select Edit Dashboard option from the menu. 3. Notice that Electronics Dashboard consists of two objects: On the left side, there is a dashboard prompt and on the right, there is a compound view of Map-sales region v1 analysis. 4. We will focus only on Map-sales region v1 analysis. So let's edit it. 5. Click Results tab to view some results first. 6. As said, we need to replace Table view with a Map view. So let's create a new map view first. 7. Map view opens. From the list of available maps, select Electronics (this is th