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SIOUG Event: Oracle Analytics Tips & Trips Series - What's new in Oracle Analytics 5.9?

SIOUG (Slovenian Oracle User Group), in cooperation with Qubix , organised the first webinar in the Oracle Analytics - Tips & Tricks Series . What's new in Oracle Analytics 5.9 webinar took place on Thursday, 25th February 2021, starting at 11am CET .  Topics covered: How to prepare data to analyse the products that are most often sold together? How to register and use machine learning models from Oracle database in Oracle Analytics. How to parse text and how to use parsed text in combination with other business data to produce effective and interactive visualisations. How to use existing web mapping services (WMS and XYZ) in analyses using geo-data. What are the key changes and improvements in data visualisation. Webinar was delivered by: Mojca Gros , Qubix, Senior Business Analytics Consultant Žiga Vaupot , Qubix, Country Manager and Oracle ACE Here is the recording of the webinar (language used is Slovenian).