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Talking to Oracle Database, this time in plain Slovenian

In my previous blog post, Talking to Oracle Database in plain English I am discussing how to query Oracle Database using natural language queries to retrieve data from an Oracle database. From my quick exploration, I can conclude that AI has definitely entered databases and can be applied in very different scenarios. For example, using SELECT AI in chat application where data can be retrieved and presented from Oracle Database by applying natural language query. But that was in plain English. But what about if my primary natural language isn't English. What if your (and, for this matter also mine) isn't English. What if it is Slovenian? Would SELECT AI still work? Let's examine the very same examples that I used in my previous blog post. Let's talk now ... "po slovensko" (Slovenian) Enough said. Let's try the simplest query of all and let's ask my database what is the total revenue recorded. In Slovenian, the question  what is total revenue tra
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Talking to Oracle Database in plain English

My SQL beginnings It was approx. 35 years ago (gosh, that long!?) when I first met SQL. Structured Query Language to those who might not be  from that era or are not 100% sure of what I am talking about. It was during the labs at faculty when we went to IBM's training center (we didn't have the capacity at faculty at the time) in Radovljica, Slovenia, to learn and play with this (at least for me) new programming language. The language of the 4th generation, so they said. With its roots in boolean algebra and simple structure, we were told that this was almost the same as natural language (english of course. Who would thought one day you would use Slovenian language to query databases too! With all those SELECTs, FROMs, WHEREs, GROUP BYs, HAVINGs, ORDER BYs, etc. it actually sounded really cool and easy. My Select AI beginnings The other day I finally found some time to invest into something else then just daily work, which is obviously something different than the rest of th

My UKOUG 2023 Report

I recently returned from Reading, UK, where I had the opportunity to attend the UKOUG 2023 conference . This year's event was particularly engaging, commemorating the 40th anniversary of the UK Oracle User Group. My participation at the conference had a dual purpose. Firstly, I attended to present, and while I was there, I had the chance to join several presentations that piqued my interest. I'm genuinely impressed by the innovative solutions showcased and the quality of work demonstrated by the presenters and their teams. My winners My standout presentation was LLMs are the Future of Conversational AI  by Antony Heljula of TPXimpact. Antony shared his experiences in developing chatbots that leverage large language models in conversational AI. Truly groundbreaking! A close second for me was Gianni Ceresa's (DATAlysis) presentation titled ID Please: Did You Already Ask That to Your Data?  Gianni delved into the crucial aspects of data lineage and governance, addressing the

My presentations @ UKOUG 2023

I am more than honoured to share that I am presenting at this year's UKOUG 2023 conference that is taking place on 15th and 16th November at Oracle TVP, Reading. I will deliver the following two presentations: Tuesday, 15th November, 10:00-10:45, Lambourne OCI Vision and Oracle Analytics: Just Like a Box of Chocolates   Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is just like a box of chocolates. It is offering a variety of cloud services, including serverless and very user friendly AI services such as Vision, Language, Speach, Document Understanding and Digital Assistant. In this presentationa I am focusing on OCI Vision, which is a self-service AI Service, which applies computer vision for image-based content analysis. It allows developers easily integrate pre-trained models into their applications with APIs or custom training models to meet their specific use cases.  In this presentation we will demonstrate how to train machine learning model for x-ray image classification using OCI Visio

My Presentations @ HrOUG 2023

HrOUG 2023 took place between Tuesday, 17th October, and Friday, 20th October. As usual in a great athmosphere of St. Andrew's Island near Rovinj . This year, 400+ attendees took part in the event organised by Davor and his team.  My part of the event has been focused on two presentations (they will be available to download any day soon), which I had already at SIOUG 2023 in June, however I've added some new facts and new demos since then: My view on Oracle’s position in Gartner Magic Quadrants for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms Gartner has published its Magic Quadrants for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms (Gartner, 2023) report for 2023, on April 5th. As usually, it presents how various analytics and BI vendors position regarding the completeness of their vision and ability to execute. It is considered as “the go-to resource” when evaluating and comparing these technologies. In their report, Gartner says that the key Oracle’s strengths are in