Oracle Mobile Analytics: Day by Day

A couple of weeks ago I have delivered a new version of Qubix Business Intelligence training course based on Oracle Analytic Cloud to one of our major customers in Edinburgh. For that occasion we have added a new workshop module that focus on mobile analytics using the 2 new mobile apps - Oracle Day by Day and Oracle Synopsis. I am talking about Oracle Day by Day in this post.

Oracle Analytics Cloud Day by Day is an innovative app that provides the right analytics at the right time and place.  This means that if you are interested in one set of reports in one particular location, these reports (in application these are actually called "cards") will show in app home page.

Based on your searches for business data in the app, app would learn what you’re interested in, when
and where you’re interested in it, and it displays the data in ready-to-use analytical charts.

You can use Oracle Day by Day on your iPhone/iPad and any Android devices. It is important to acknowledge that there are slight differences between devices. At the moment, Android offers more features and functions than iOS. In my post I am writing about iOS only.

So what can Day by Day do?
  • Search for business data in your Oracle Analytics Cloud instance.
  • Add the search results to the app’s smart feed as analytical charts which would be presented when users logs into application.
  • Access the analytical charts when and where you want them without searching for them repeatedly.
  • Perform voice queries to generate the analytical charts.
  • Invite friends in the contacts list on your mobile device to use the app.
  • View insights about the charts.
  • Share with nearby users across the iOS and Android operating systems.
  • Share and collaborate on the analytical charts privately with individual users or groups of users. Users can be either:
    • Suggested users; who are in the contacts list on your mobile device and are also registered users of the app with an email address that exactly matches the email of the user ID that they use for the app.
    • Users; who are available in your Oracle Analytics Cloud instance and are also registered users of the app.
  • Add comments that are visible to all on the analytical charts.
  • Cast the smart feed content to any Google Chromecast device (Android only).

Create a new analysis

After successful connection and login to your Oracle Analytic Cloud instance you enter the app. At the beginning the display is empty, there are not analyses presented as, so called, smart feeds. 

In order to create an analysis, it is enough to start typing attributes into "What are you interested in?" field or simply switch the microphone on and start dictating what you want to analyse.

Add as many attributes as you want. Analysis will start building instantly. Day by Day will try to find the best visualisation for the entered set of attributes. User will see more visualisation as attributes are added to the analysis.

Smart Feeds

Any of these visualisations can be added to the Smart Feeds which means that particular analysis will be presented once user logs into app.

Changing your visuals

From the same menu user can change his visualisation to display different Chart type, Table for example.

Additionally, you can do some analysis and review summary data ...

... or even add some comments, for other Crew members to check.

Bring Back

One interesting feature is also to set up a schedule when user wants to Bring Back analysis. This will trigger an alert that data is refreshed and ready to review.

At defined schedule Day by Day will inform users through notification that new data should be reviewed.

Share with Crew

Finally, you can share your analyses with the Crew, your team members.

Pretty simple, isn't it. Enjoy!


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